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Keep Your Independence With Assistive Devices


We all want to stay independent for as long as possible. After years of being able to take care of yourself, it is frustrating to imagine someone else having to take care of you. We are Assistive Devices, and our goal is to keep you independent for as long as possible. Our large variety of assistive devices can help you to be able to complete your day to day activities safely and independently. We strive to always provide high quality products at competitive prices, and don't forget about the free shipping!

Getting older is incredibly frustrating because little things that you used to do without even a thought, are now difficult to complete. Luckily for you, we have a lifestyle solution that can help with each and every one of your activities of daily living.  A truly wonderful option that can help you to gain more independence around your home is our Everyday Independence Solution. This comes with a reacher and an adjustable overbed table. The reacher is a wonderful little tool that will allow you to grab things without having to bend down. The adjustable overbed table can be locked in 3 different tilt positions. It is rollable so you can easily move it to where you need it to be. This table will allow you to keep everything you need where you can reach it. When you are done using your table you can just fold it up and store it; it takes up hardly any space at all!

The thing that scares a lot of people the most about aging is losing their independence and having to rely on others for things like dressing, eating, walking, and going to the bathroom. Our assistive devices can help you to keep the independence that you need for a lot longer. Shop with us today.