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Avoid Injury From Falls

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Falls happen quite frequently in people over 65. In fact 1 in 3 people will fall. However, most falls do not result in injury except for maybe a bruise or scratch. But falls in the bathroom can be very hazardous. Studies show that just about 80% of falls in the home are in the bathroom. As we age muscle strength and balance decline leaving us more susceptible of falling and getting injured. Since most falls occur while in the bathroom there are some steps and upgrades that can be done to help alleviate falls.

Bathroom floors are slippery when they get wet and make for a hazardous place for an already unstable person. The use of a rubber bathtub mat or non-slip rug is a must. A rubber mat on the shower floor is a must also. Safety bars in the shower and on the bathroom wall are great for support so the elderly don’t use the towel bars, sink tops or other objects to help support balance. Toilets heights that are difficult to get up from easily are another problem. Installing safety features such as toilet safety bars in the bathroom is a great way to reducing the risk of falling. This frame is used on the toilet to give the person hand rails to help raise them up off of the toilet. Another must have item is a shower chair. Elders may not have the strength to stand for long periods and a shower chair lets them sit instead of using their tired legs. Installing a bar in the shower so they can hold onto something to steady them is also useful. Assistive Devices has a great selection of very useful bathroom safety products. They are available for questions by calling 800-856-0889.