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Get Your Mobility Back With Our Incredible Assistive Devices


For many of us, our independence is what keeps us young and active, but as we age it is natural for our independence to waver. One of the biggest keys to independence is mobility. When you are unsteady on your feet, many of the activities of daily living that you never even thought about before can feel dangerous. At Assistive Devices we are dedicated to providing you with high quality assistive devices to help you to keep your independence, just like our name says.

We offer a wide variety of assistive devices for mobility, and it is important to consult your physical therapist to find to best option for your needs. A truly wonderful option for you might be our Two Button Folding Universal Walker. Although lightweight, this incredible walker is designed to be strong and durable. It comes with front wheels and rear glide caps, which ensures that you will be able to smoothly use it on many types of surfaces. The best part about this walker is how easy it is to use, even in narrow spaces. All you have to do is push the appropriate button on either side, which act independently. 

Your independence is an important part of your livelihood, and it is important to do whatever you can to keep it for as long as possible. We have a wide variety of high quality tools and equipment that you help you to keep your mobility, and in turn, your independence. Stay mobile, save money, and enjoy free shipping by shopping with us today.